Promoting European Citizenship in Adult Learning

Hoe zullen we laaggeletterden en laaggediplomeerden de weg wijzen tot een actieve deelname aan de maatschappij?
Hoe zullen we laaggeletterden en laaggediplomeerden de weg wijzen tot een actieve deelname aan de maatschappij?

Met medewerking van Sambucusforum organiseerde CVLZ een Grundtvig Workshop in Hasselt in de week van 16 tot en met 23 maart 2014. Onder het motto "New and innovative initiatives for the care of the vulnerable group of illiterate people" verzamelden, bespraken en bezochten we good practices. De geselecteerde deelnemers waren medewerkers uit het volwassenenonderwijs uit Bulgarije, Estland, Ierland, Nederland, Roemenië, Spanje, Turkije en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Grundtvig workshop in Hasselt, Belgium: March 16 – 23, 2014

New and innovative initiatives to care for

the vulnerable group

of illiterate people


Sunday March 16, 2014: Arrival day

19.00 h.: Welcome and first meeting with the participants in restaurant The Century, Leopoldplein 1, in the neighbourhood of your hotel – tel. 32 11 224799.

Monday March 17, 2014 – Koetshuis, Domein Bokrijk


Gathering of participants and organizers at the parking of the Slachthuiskaai, near the hotel. A few cars will bring us to the museum village of Bokrijk

9.30h.- 12h. .

Introduction to the Confederation of Adult Education Limburg – Zuid (CVLZ) by director Christiane Vanvinckenroye, and a first impression about the way adult education is organised in the local Limburg areas by Hugo Vanheeswijck. Stories from abroad. An exchange of ideas and experiences with the participants concerning adult education, vulnerable people and literacy.


Lunch @ Koetshuis, Bokrijk.

14h.- 15.20h.

Presentation of the” Survey of Adult Skills 2013” as carried out recently by OECD. First results and key-findings  will be presented by PIAAC, the Programme for the InternationalAssessment of Adult Competencies,  of  Ghent University.

15.25h.- 16.25h.

A search for answers to the economic and social problematic situation of the Limburg Province.. Several different approaches are carried out  nowadays to empower the different groups of vulnerable people.


Evaluation of the day by the participants. Return to the hotel in Hasselt.

The evening is free

Tuesday March 18, 2014


Gathering at the parking of Slachthuiskaai and departure by car to Alternatief vzw in the city of Genk.

9.45 h. – 12h.

Visit to the not-for-profit organisation Alternatief  in Genk. Welcome, introduction and discussion about the  job & language coaching projects set up by the organisation to improve the integration of vulnerable groups in society.

12h. – 13.30h.

Lunch in the restaurant of  Alternatief. Return to Hasselt by car.

14 h. – 16.50h.

Arrival at the ‘Dutch language house’.  Screening of the participants as if they were newcomers in Belgium followed by a lively  Introduction into the practices of the organisation.

16.50h.- 17.15h.

Evaluation of the day by the participants. Travel by bus to the city centre.


Dinner together with participants and organizers.


‘Everybody can sing’: a workshop by  Vorming Plus.

Wednesday March 19, 2014

9 h.

Gathering at the Slachthuiskaai-parking. Departure to daycentre ‘De Wroeter’.

9.30 h. – 12h.

Visit to this daycentre that focuses on the reinforcement of the position of adults with mental, psychological or social disabilities and on their methods and experiences to make their reintegration in society possible.

12h. – 13.30h.

Lunch at De Wroeter Departure to Hasselt.

14.15h. 15.20h.

Arrival at the provincial house, Universiteitslaan 1, where an interactive presentation will be givenon the so called “Toolbox Literacy”.

15.30 h.- 15.50h.

Evaluation of the day with the participants.


Departure to the city of  Sint Truiden

17.15h-     21.30h.

International dinner with tastes and dishes of Moroccan and Afghan kitchen. In the meanwhile ambassadors of the so called “Open School” will  share their knowledge and experiences concerning literacy and language learning.   Return to Hasselt.


Thursday March 20, 2014

10 h.

Meeting at CVLZ : formulating definitions on literacy learned out of the previous days and exchanging ideas,  tips and  tricks to deal with vulnerable groups of illiterate people.

12.15h.- 13.30h.

Lunch at the provincial house. Departure to VSPW, one of the centres for adult education in the city of Hasselt.

14.15h.- 17h.

Introduction to and interactive presentation of  the training  by VSPW  to become  “experts in poverty and social exclusion”.

17.05h.- 17.20h

Evaluation of the day by the participants.


The evening is free

Friday March 21, 2014


Gathering at the parking of Slachthuiskaai and departure by car to Alden Biesen

9.45h.- 12h

Welcome and short introduction to the Commandery of Alden Biesen, a 16th century castle founded by the Teutonic Order. An elaborate and interactive workshop by Vokans, a Flemish not-for-profit organisation specialised in job- and language coaching.

12h.- 13.50h.

Lunch at Alden Biesen.


Interactive workshop : how and why to motivate vulnerable adults into the power of learning and of life long learning?


Evaluation of the day by the participants.

Saturday March 22, 2014

9.45h.- 12h.

Departure to the city of Tongeren, the only Roman city of Flanders and visit to the Gallo Roman Museum with special interest to literacy in older times.

12.15h.- 14h.

Lunch at restaurant Intermezzo in Tongeren.


Short visit to the city of Tongeren and return to Hasselt

19h. 23h.

Feedback and validation of the workshop and of the formal and informal learning made possible through the whole workshop.. Goodbye party at Huis Vanstraelen, Koningin Astridlaan 35, Hasselt..

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